‘Sorbet-Spoon Grammar’ by Barrie England

Barrie England’s latest blog post is titled “Sorbet-Spoon Grammar”.

Barrie says, “Following fairly hard on the heels of my post quoting Henry Hitchings, here’s another in the same spirit from ‘English for the Natives’ by Harry Ritchie, former literary editor of ‘The Times’:Grammar has been taught, if at all, by people who could only pass on bits of inherent folklore and refer to Latin and Greek with the same clueless conviction of doctors who once applied leeches and tribal priests who danced for rain. The way it has been ludicrously mistaught, it’s no wonder that grammar has been right up there with trigonometry for entertainment value, as apparently relevant as alchemy, as intriguing and gripping as a crossword dictionary.”

Sorbet-Spoon Grammar

 Barrie England’s Blog


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