‘Teacher Self-Compassion #RedThumbForLove – Compassion Training 3’ by Josette LeBlanc

Josette LeBlanc’s latest blog post is titled “Teacher Self-Compassion #RedThumbForLove – Compassion Training 3”.

Josette says, “I want to propose an idea to all teachers: be kind to yourself no matter what happens. No matter what. If your lessons flops, it flops. If you couldn’t answer a student’s grammar question, it happened. If you couldn’t finish correcting homework on time, so be it. If that little voice in your head creeps up and says, ”you’re stupid, incompetent, and lazy,” respond to it with love. How? I will propose a strategy, but first let me tell you how I discovered it.”

Teacher Self-Compassion #RedThumbForLove – Compassion Training 3

Josette LeBlanc’s Blog


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